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Monday, August 19, 2013


World Humanitarian Day 2013

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Today, Monday 19 August is World Humanitarian Day. It is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of people helping people. The World Humanitarian Day is both a commemoration for people who lose their life trying to help people, but it is also a celebration of the amazing amount that people do every single day that is unrecognized.
This World Humanitarian Day marks 10 years since the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad was bombed and 22 UN and aid agency workers were killed.
August 19th sees the launch of a new global campaign for World Humanitarian Day. This year’s campaign, ‘The World Needs More__’, turns people’s words into real support for communities affected by humanitarian crises.
“It is clear that the world needs more #Humanity,” noted UN Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos. “This year, humanitarian agencies are trying to help more than 70 million people. We know that humanitarian needs are growing and that if we are to meet those rising needs we must do things differently. We have to keep engaging with new partners and supporters. This campaign is a chance to do that.”

For more go to www.worldhumanitarianday.org
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