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Monday, October 29, 2012

Protecting people´s livelihoods NOW will help build resilience for TOMORROW

Sahel crisis: FAO´s Regional Strategic Response Framework


The crisis affecting the Sahel is complex, multidimensional and driven by chronic vulnerabilities. Erratic rains are causing the quality and output of harvests to decrease, high levels of food prices persist, regional insecurity in some countries continues and the threat of a desert locust infestation could affect the livelihoods of 50 million people.

FAO is strongly committed to support the Sahel crisis and has prepared a response framework entitled Strategic Response Framework for the 2012 Food and Nutrition Crisis in the Sahel(last update July 2012).

Recognizing the need to break the vicious cycle of recurrent crises and emergencies in the region, the Strategic Response Framework sets out the priorities for 2012, including a medium to long-term vision. The overall objective is to improve the food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations in the Sahel, linking action in a continuum from emergency to recovery and development, focusing on protecting, restoring and building resilient livelihoods of vulnerable farmers and herders.

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